“being at center is being in the moment. open. present. awake. not controlling. not resisting. not believing. holding onto nothing. pushing nothing away.”
-Cheri Huber

"All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony." - Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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Anonymous asked: Hey Archie, why did you study literature? Well, it just grabbed my attention because I'm going to study literature too and I'm from the Philippines too. It's just that...whenever my relatives/strangers ask me about my course, I feel like the WORLD is against me or something like that. My parents want me to shift to a business course. Basically, it makes me feel like everybody doesn't want me to pursue that course. And that makes me so depressed. idk. Your thoughts about this?


It does not matter what you do as long as you are brilliant with it. You could be taking up business, but your heart resides to taking up literature. You could be taking up literature, but you want to take up film. If you are unmotivated and you feel like you belong somewhere else, it means that you have a calling. You find yourself, and you change your life forever. It’s what you want that matters in the end. It’s the fulfillment that counts, not what you took up in college. One could be great at doing things that some people had initially thought was impossible. Amazing things happen because you start from somewhere. And that little place is where your heart begins beating. I have successful friends who took up literature, the same way I know amazing friends who took up business. The world is fair to those who choose what’s good for them because it makes them independent and progressive. Know where to begin. In my case, I started in literature because it’s where I found myself. I love reading in general. Anything. That’s why I found myself in literature, not anywhere else. People are going to raise their brows, but just ignore them. Forgive them for their lack of knowledge to judge.

You have a big future if you follow your heart and commit to it.